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LED Lighting

Illuminate your home or business with our wide range of LED lighting option

LED lighting runs up to 90% less energy than standard halogen lights. With ever increasing Electricity prices, this means savings on your power bills, therefore, saving you money.

Conventional light bulbs generally last 720 to 2,000 hours as compared to LED lights which last up to 25 times longer – having an estimated lifespan of 35,000 to 50,000 hours, this also saves you money on replacement globes & maintenance.
LED’S also produce more light per watt than traditional bulbs making them ideal for enhancing different features in your home or office.

Brock Fitzgerald Electrical can provide a wide selection of LED lighting options that will suit your home’s décor. Is it a sleek brushed chrome downlight you’re after? Perhaps a colourful hanging pendant? Just talk to us and we will help you with your decision.

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